JCI Accreditation
For Eng +90 216 524 13 56 / For TR +90 216 524 13 00
Test Results
(*) Protokolünüzü 100000000111 ise 111 formatında, başında 1 ve 0 rakamları olmadan yazınız.

Thank you for subscribing. Please check out your e-mail adress to find your password. If you already have a protocol number which the Hospital given you, you may write it in to password blank and write your e-mail adress for log in.


Please keep your password safe. If you do forget your password please use the forgot my password link online. You can change your password afterwards you log in the old ones.


In terms of security of patient data, if you'd like to change your email which you previously registered in the system, you can perform the changes at the desk about during your visit to the hospital. Besides you can get support by calling our Call Centre bench. Responsibility for the accuracy of the information, belong to the people and should never be shared with anyone else.