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How about getting younger without gene transplantation?


No matter what your identity card says, the way you care about your skin may make you look younger or older


No other organ can match our skin in its ability to reveal the effects of aging. Also, it is usually our skin that prompts us to a war against aging. External factors too play a role in skin aging during a process determined by our genes. If you want to look younger than your age without the touch of a surgical knife, just have a look at the following…


Why does my skin look so old?


Do you ever wonder about the signs of aging…



…then, your skin might have already started aging.

Don’t panic, but perhaps time has come to do something about it, because aging does not only disrupt the appearance, but also the function of the skin. For instance, in addition to impaired wound healing physical, chemical, or microbiological agents can lead to skin injury more easily. Also, skin cancers are more common in the elderly.


Do you want a younger look for your skin? Without a surgical knife…..



Abrasion of the skin is achieved using crystals such as aluminium oxide or sodium chloride. Not only the wrinkled, spotted, and dullish superficial skin is removed,  but also collagen and elastic fiber production is stimulated. This treatment method is also used for wound scars and removal of tatoos. 

Chemical peeling

Increasing concentrations of alpha-hydroxy acids are applied to get a peeling effect. Use of creams containing retinoic acid before and after the procedure increases the effectiveness of this method.

Skin rejuvenating laser treatments

Different types of laser beams are used for the treatment of wrinkles, skin lagging, scars, and pigmented spots. In our facility, pulse-dye laser is utilized for this purpose. 

Hormonal treatment

Creams containing estradiol and estriol have been shown to increase the number of keratinocytes and dermal thickness after menopause. 

Filling material

Despite recent popularity with filling materials, they actually have been used in the field of dermatology for nearly 100 years to smooth contours, to remove wrinkles and scars, and to augment lips and cheeks. Certain materials such as the hyaluronic acid or the body’s own fat tissue may be used as filling material. 


Botulinum toxin is a practical and quick method to treat the dynamic wrinkles of the face and neck including those between the eyebrows, in the forehead, and around the nose (often called as rabbit wrinkles). It represents a first-line approach among rejuvenation therapies. These methods are generally used in combination according to patients’ needs. For example, botox injection may be used for dynamic wrinkles between the eyebrows, followed by laser for skin rejuvenation and chemical peeling. 


Tips for skin rejuvenation at home

Skin rejuvenation: After souring milk, apply it to your face for 30 minutes and then rinse your skin. Cleopatra is famous for her bathing with soured milk to achieve an anti-aging effect. Lactic acid found in soured milk is an alpha-hydroxy acid with a well-known skin rejuvenating effect.

For dry skin:  Buy some glycerine from the pharmacy, and add 10 drops of lemon juice for every 20 ml of glycerine. Apply it onto your skin before bedtime and let it remain on your face until the next morning. This will give you a natural moisturizing effect as well as a shiny and healthy skin.

For oily skin: Add one dessertspoon of honey into a bowl of yoghurt. Apply this mixture onto your skin to prevent excessive shiny appearance due to oily skin.  


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