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Dental Implant


What Is Implant?

Implant represent a plate, screw and nail produced by titanium alloy, inserted into the place of the missing tooth has not any side effects on organism. The procedure of inserting one or more implant into the place of the missing tooth or teeth is called implantation.


Why Implant?

Implant is a robust, comfortable and reliable practice. While on-implant prostheses replace natural teeth, they form a natural structure. The healthy teeth are untouched whereas the missing ones are completed. Implants are durable. They present precise and healthy solutions for any problem arising from the missing teeth, since implant is a special practice replacing the natural teeth. Implant that can be applied in youth after the completion of the bone development, is applied once and then you can use it with different prostheses for years.


Benefits of Implant

Stable bridges can be made the heşp of "implants" inserted on jaw bone in the missing teeth areas. In the case of loss of one tooth, partial or full toothlessness, implant supported prostheses can be prepared. Implants are inserted into the mouth under local anesthesia by the maxillofacial surgeon. After the implant is allowed to be osseointegrated for a period of between 4 to 6 months for the upper jaw, 3 months for the lower jaw, prosthesis fabrication can be started.
On-implant prostheses are also an alternative for high number of missing teeth or removable prostheses of fully toothless patients. Patients do not have to use "palate" by means of prostheses prepared by using the implants. Whenever they want. And this relieves the discomfort of "palate" prostheses. Oral and Dental Health of our hospital provide wide range of services, from emergency maxillofacial surgery to cosmetic dentistry practices day-and-night.


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