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You can return your daily life very quickly with the innovative laser treatment  method iLASIK.


What Is iLASIK?

iLASIK that is applied totally special for you based on your personal vision quality is the combination of today's most innovative laser technology INTRA-LASETM and advanced custom treatment (Advanced CustomVueTM). NASA and United States Army have given consent for their astronauts and air force pilots that are subject to unusual natural conditions and have to have a very strong and special visual ability to have the extremely reliable iLASIK treatment.

In order to benefit from this reliable method, iLASIK, it is enough that you are at least at the age of 18, your eye number did not change in the last 1 year and your eye and general health condition is suitable. Millions of people continue their life freely without eyeglasses and contact lenses making use of iLASIK whose technology and safety are proven and which has a fast and easy application.


Advantages of iLASIK application

iLASIK steps

Custom iLASIK steps

Generating your personal vision profile

The first step in iLASIK application is to determine specific characteristics of your eyes in the result of some tests including also the use of Wavescan technology. Wavescan system generates three dimensional map of visual impairments. Then, Advanced CustomVueTM procedure designs your personal treatment special for your eyes, using digital information obtained from this map. Another property of advanced custom treatment (Advanced CustomVueTM) is that custom, one-to-one, three dimensional vision map generating Fourier analysis is used in Wavefront aberrometer. In laser treatment, it is very important that the device makes shoot at the intended point of the eye.


Step - Generating iLASIK Phleb

Phleb is generated with IntralaseTM technology in iLASIK. IntralaseTM method is a  100% non-surgical approach that is used for forming phleb in cornea.  During Corneal phleb formation, it allows formation of exactly what planned with straight accuracy.  Corneal phleb diameter, thickness, attachment place on cornea, centralization and regularity is formed as planned.

A better quality vision can be obtained after laser with the help of Intralase Lasik in which disposable materials are used during the whole process. In a clinical study where patients with a phleb opened surgically in one eye and a phleb opened with the Intralase method in the other eye are controlled, vision in the eye that Intralase application is used was 3 times better than the vision in the other eye.


Step - Laser treatment special for you

Until this step, your personal vision profile is generated using Wavescan technology and your corneal phleb is generated non-surgically with Intralase, now your eyes can be fixed using Advanced CustomVue technique as part of the iLASIK application.Advanced CustomVue procedure is an FDA approved system that has the widest application range for the treatment of visual impairments (myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism). Clinical trials 1 year after the treatment show that 100% of myopic patients and more than 95% of all patients enrolled in the trial have passed their driving tests without eyeglasses and contact lenses. 98% of mildly or highly myopic patients have obtained a 10/10 or better vision without eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Night vision of mildly or highly myopic participants has been enhanced after the treatment.

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