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Teeth whitening


Who would not want to have healthy and snow white teeth? Advancing technology is your best helper in this regard.  You can get rid of staining and yellowing on your teeth in a very short time.

Teeth whitening is an application that definitely does not damage teeth. However it should definitely be performed under control of a specialist. Wrong whitening drug use may cause serious problems if there is patency of dentin which is the most sensitive tooth layer. Damages on teeth may occur and root canal therapy may be required. Therefore, teeth whitening should definitely be performed under control of a specialist.  In these controls, it is evaluated whether you are an appropriate patient for teeth whitening or not. Teeth whitening is performed in two ways;

After the dentist takes dental impression from his/her patient, a transparent custom tray that fits on the teeth is prepared. The patient drops the whitening drug on the teeth in this custom tray and wears the tray before going to bed every night for at least 6-8 hours. This process lasts approximately 10-14 days

The dentist covers gingiva with protector, applies whitening drug on teeth and activates it with light in the clinic. Visible whitening is obtained in this 2-hour application at the end of sessions. Whitening process has definitely no damage on your teeth when it is performed under control of a specialist, choosing right drugs.

Personal trials can only result in damage. Food eaten and drunk (tea, coffee fruit juices like sour cherry and pomegranate, cigar and drugs used, especially antibiotics used during the odontogeny period in childhood) has importance in color change of teeth. It can be applied after the age of 12 since teeth are completed from this age upwards. However, performing such an application in children is not preferred. Whitening process can be applied in everyone who have no problem in their dentition and have strong enamel. Teeth whitening applied patients; should avoid from products with a dark food coloring, reduce drinking tea and coffee, be careful on smoking and should not delay their regular oral care. If these are fulfilled, the results of whitening process performed can last up to 2 years.

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