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Eye Surgery and Laser Treatment Cent.


You can return your daily life very quickly with the innovative laser treatment  method iLASIK.   What Is iLASIK? iLASIK that is applied totally special for you based on your personal vision quality is the combination of today's most innovative laser technology INTRA-LASETM and advanced custom treatment (Advanced CustomVueTM). NASA and United States Army have given consent for their astronauts and air force pilots... read more

What is Cataract?

What is cataract? Cataract is when the lens on the front – middle of our eye loses its transparency and gets an opaque appearance. In other words, it is when a transparent lens gets an appearance of frosted glass.   What are the reasons of cataract? Aging: The most important reason of cataract is aging. It is seen more frequently after the ages of 50 – 65. Cataract is often seen in people with diabetes. It is... read more

Refractive Surgery

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Corneal Diseases and Transplants

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Ocuplastic Surgery

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Cataract Surgery

When should one go under operation? When blurry vision starts affecting daily life, it is time for operation. If you have been diagnosed with cataract, you should go to your eye doctor on a regular basis and you should have surgery when your doctor advises to do so. The earlier the cataract surgery is done, the easier it is.   How are the surgeries done? Cataract surgeries are performed as outpatient operations without having to... read more