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What is Cataract?


What is cataract?

Cataract is when the lens on the front – middle of our eye loses its transparency and gets an opaque appearance. In other words, it is when a transparent lens gets an appearance of frosted glass.


What are the reasons of cataract?

What are the symptoms of cataract?

How is cataract treated?

The only treatment for cataract is surgery. It cannot be treated with medication.


When should one go under operation?

When blurry vision starts affecting daily life, it is time for operation. If you have been diagnosed with cataract, you should go to your eye doctor on a regular basis and you should have surgery when your doctor advises to do so. The earlier the cataract surgery is done, the easier it is.


How are the surgeries done?

Cataract surgeries are performed as outpatient operations without having to stay at the hospital. The eyes are mostly anesthetized with drops without needles. A special drop is put in your eyes one hour before the operation. The pupils are enlarged. Cataract surgery is a microsurgical operation. FAKO Method is used. With this method, the inside of the eye is reached through a 2 mm laceration and the layer with cataract is melted with ultrasound energy and taken out. An intraocular lens is placed in its place. The operation lasts about 15 – 20 minutes. Mostly, sutures are not done at the end. Because of this little laceration, the healing of the wound is safer. Due to the fact that the vision levels of the patients who go through operation with the Fako Method increase very quickly, they can return to their daily routine almost right after the operation.


What is the success rate of the operation?

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