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Intensive Care Units
Professor Levent KILIÇKAN
MD Dilşad KOCA (Yenidoğan Yoğun Bakım)
Intensive Care Units

Diagnosis and treatments of the patients with critical life conditions or requiring close follow-up after the surgery are performed in Intensive Care Units which were designed as General Intensive Care, Coronary Intensive Care and Neonatal Intensive Care according to the characteristics of patients.

The most up-to-date practice recognized worldwide is that each patient having a separate room within the unit and this is implemented in our hospital scrupulously.

Patient follow-ups are performed in ideal conditions with special nurse counters located at the entrance of each room, entire body wash can be performed keeping the patient in bed at the special sections within the unit.

Bed in the General Intensive Care Unit was designed suitable for instant intervention at emergency situations. It allows the excellent treatment and care with monitors showing vital functions, electronic injector and serum pumps enabling the speed control of the medication given, devices examining aspiration, artificial respiration and heart functions, and other equipment.

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