JCI Accreditation
For Eng +90 216 524 13 56 / For TR +90 216 524 13 00
Professor Kadir TAHTA

Dealing with the surgical treatment of Brain, Nerve and Spine Diseases, our department also offers service by its experienced doctors in advanced neurological sciences such as Neurooncology, Neurovascular Surgery, Skull Base Surgery, Peripheral Nerve Surgery, Epilepsy and Pain Surgery.

Information about the location of diseases is provided by the advanced monitoring systems such as Computed Tomography (BT), Magnetic Resonance (MR), Digital Angiography and operations are performed successfully even in the regions requiring precision, with latest technology products in our operating rooms such as surgical microscope, ultrasonic aspirator. Carotid Stenting, Interventional Methods for AVMs, Thrombolytic Treatment in Appropriate Cases can be performed with the cooperation of our experienced team in Interventional Neuroradiology and Neurology Department.

Diseases whose Diagnosis and Treatment are Performed in our Brain, Nerve and Spine Surgery Department

Diagnosis and treatment of any disease related to central nervous system is performed in cooperation with specialists in Neurology, Neuroanesthesia and Intensive Care branches.

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